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Hard Top Delivery: Around the UK and within the EU:

Hard Delivery. UK and EU or even worldwide Delivery on all Hard Tops

UK Wide Delivery: All Hard Tops are firstly delivered to me on Wirral, Merseyside. I am then able to arrange UK wide delivery to customers using the couriers I work with. These couriers collect the Hard Tops from my premises and are taken direct to you. The Hard Top will stay in the courier's vehicle until it has been delivered so as to avoid the risk of damage. All Hard Tops are unpacked, inspected and repacked by myself prior to collection and delivery by the couriers I use to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. UK mainland delivery is £50-£80 depending on your location. Highlands delivery can be arranged, along with Ireland and Northern Ireland. Best to contact me for a delivery quote to your location especially if you are located in a remote location.

This is how you will receive your Hard Top from my couriers
This is how you will receive your Hard Top from my couriers

Package you’ll receive.

Hard Tops and Tonneau Lids are delivered as shown via the couriers I use. All fittings needed along with the 2 keys will be on the inside on the package.

Once received, remove safely from the van, unpack carefully and rest flat on its packaging material. Remove the 4 G clamps sent and place to one side. With a friend lift the Hard Top onto the back of the truck, ensure it is sitting squarely on the back of the load bed, and the truck tailgate is not catching on anything. Then using a 17mm spanner or ratchet tighten up the G clamps. You will see on the inside of the Hard Top where the G clamps need to sit. Please see on the next page photos on how the clamps fit.

Delivery Details:

EU Delivery: Mainland EU delivery costs including the Hard Top/Tonneau Lid cost is approximately €1,550. This cost does not include the local VAT tax rate for your country so you will have to pay this once the goods arrive. 

I will arrange shipping to your nearest big city using a local shipping agent and you are required to contact the shipping agent to pay the necessary taxes. The shipping company will require you to collect the goods from them or they will be able to arrange delivery to you.

Having an EU VAT number helps. If you could provide that when ordering would be helpful. All payments are processed securely online. Invoices are emailed to you outlining the Hard Top order. 

I can arrange shipping to Malta and have a lot of customers there. Total cost to Valletta is approximately €1,700 excluding local taxes.

Wind Deflectors / Visors EU Wide delivery cost is: £25 (Malta £35)

Nudge Bar and Roof Bar EU wide delivery is: £50 (Malta £80)

To arrange EU wide delivery for any parts please email me:

EU wide Hard Tops & Tonneau Lid are delivered as shown
EU wide Hard Tops & Tonneau Lid are delivered as shown

Packaging and Packing

All Hard Tops and Tonneau Lids delivered around the EU are delivered as shown. All the fittings and the 2 keys will be inside the package. All Hard Tops are painted to match your truck. 

To order send me all your contact details, Hard Top/Tonneau Lid preference and colour and I will send you an invoice outlining all the costs.

Please contact me: or +447786626006  to proceed with an order.

 A Hard Top recently delivered to South Africa
A Hard Top recently delivered to South Africa

Worldwide Delivery

Delivery can be arranged further afield. I have shipped to many destinations in Africa, The USA, the Middle East, Australia and other locations.

It is best to contact me to discuss delivery to these destinations: