Hard Top fitting at Truck Styling Ltd

A Hard Top Canopy on the loading bay ready to be lifted onto the back of a truck

Most customers come to me at CH41 3QZ Wirral, Merseyside to have their Hard Top fitted. I have indoor facilities to fit your Hard Top on the back of your pick-up truck and fitting process takes approx 30 minutes.

I unpack all Hard Tops beforehand, wax and polish them prior to arrival and ensure everything is working as it should. You arrive and back your truck into my fitting area and have the Hard Top fitted to your truck.

 All Hard Tops are unpacked, checked over, waxed and polished prior to fitting.

Hard Tops and Tonneau Lids are fitted with a simple, secure, non drill clamping system as shown.


Our premises located near Birkenhead town centre, a 5 minute drive away from the Mersey tunnel and the M53 motorway.

I am available to fit Hard Tops 7 days at an agreed upon time. 

Saturday and Sunday fitting is fine between 10am - 3pm

Created by Andy Wing