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Truck Styling Ltd Terms and Conditions:

Terms and conditions relating to pick-up truck Hard Tops ordered: By ordering a Hard Top for your pick-up truck you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

All goods will remain the property of Truck Styling Ltd until paid for in full

Hard Tops ordered in advance and painted specifically to match your pick-up truck are considered bespoke custom parts. These are unfortunately not covered by the 7 days cooling off period required under distance selling regulations. However returns can be arranged on an individual basis. Please contact me to discuss any return issues pertaining specifically to Hard Tops. It is preferred customers come to my premises to have their Hard Tops fitted so they can be inspected and fitted to your satisfaction. This will eliminate a lot of problems relating to the paint finish and to ensure the hard top is fitted properly to your vehicle and ensuring it is as waterproof as possible. Customers who prefer to have their Hard Top delivered, this can be arranged and will be confirmed when placing an order. Once the Hard Top is ready for delivery to yourself it will be inspected at my premises before delivery and then repacked once deemed of acceptable finish and quality. Goods are expected to be delivered to you in an undamaged condition with an acceptable quality paint finish.
Once the goods are delivered the customer is responsible to fit the Hard Top correctly. I am available to offer as much advise and help needed over the phone as needed. Please note that some Hard Tops may need some adjustment around the locking mechanism to ensure a proper fitment. The buyer is required to perform these adjustments themselves. If you are unsure about any of this it is recommended to come to my premises for fitting. All Hard Tops come with one a year warranty covering all moving parts.

Warranty of Hard Tops from Truck Styling Ltd

All Hard Tops come with a one year warranty covering all the moving parts of the Hard Top. Including items like the lock, hinges, has struts, locking mechanism. I can supply all the parts you would need to swap over pf come to me and I’ll do the work myself.
Any questions regarding the warranty please get in contact.

Colour and paint match

Colour match & Finish: While I endeavour to achieve a good colour match when having the pick-up truck Hard Tops painted. An exact 100% match is an unrealistic expectation. Several factors including where the vehicle was originally painted, how old the vehicle is and other varying environmental factors need to be taken into consideration. Please see the photos of this website to see the quality of colour matches on the Hard Tops I supply.
An acceptable paint finish is determined by a uniform coverage of paint, no major flaws in the paint finish and a reasonable paint match. Hand painted Hard Tops may have some small flaws in the paint, but will not be noticeable when you look at the overall finish of the paint. Of course this is very subjective and a common sense approach is required. 
Water Ingress: Please note that due to the nature of the products I supply, I cannot guarantee that every cover will be 100% waterproof. These are effectively after market accessories and whilst I take steps to greatly reduce water ingress it is not always possible. Additional waterproofing materials and sealant can be provided free of charge. 

Returns: If it is agreed the buyer will return the Hard Top, the buyer is responsible to return the Hard Top at their own expense in the packaging it was received in and in an undamaged condition once it has been agreed that the goods will be returned. This usually means the Hard Top has been delivered in an unacceptable condition. An unacceptable condition can be subjective and each and every case can vary. Please call to discuss this further.
Off the shelf products such and Wind Deflectors / Visors or Nudge Bars can be returned for a full refund as long as the goods are unused and undamaged and are in a resalable condition.
In short Truck Styling Ltd will pay for items returned if received damaged or unusable. Goods returned due to customers changing their mind will mean the customer will have to cover the return carriage. Truck Styling Ltd is not obliged to refund bespoke painted Hard Tops ordered in advance unless in exceptional circumstances. Hard Tops come from the factory painted specific to your order and considered bespoke.
All refunds will be paid by cheque and sent within 14 days of receiving the goods back in an appropriate condition. Refunds will be minus any delivery costs incurred unless returning damaged goods. These terms and conditions can change at any time.
Please call: 0151-645-8416 / 077-8662-6006 or email to discuss any of these matters further.

All goods will remain the property of Truck Styling Ltd until paid for in full